Smily Mosquito Repellent Microfiber Patch + BONUS

Smily Mosquito Repellent Microfiber Patch + BONUS

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 ❖ DEET FREE - Made with natural lemon-scented essential oil called Geraniol, NO harmful chemicals

❖ 60 PATCHES- easy-to-apply mosquito and summer bug repellent patches that won’t fall off

❖ INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED -6 patches in every Packages for use up to 72  hours each patch.

❖ HIGH QUALITY -Convenient for camping, picnics, concerts in the park, fishing trips, gardening.

EASY TO USE - just slip them into your purse, pocket or backpack and take them everywhere!


And More... 

Do you and your loved ones get eaten alive by the mosquitos and yucky bugs of summer, but you hate using messy insect repellent sprays all over your body? Then these innovative mosquito repellent patches are for you.

The fun, smiley, non-toxic patches are the perfect, affordable solution for the whole family. You can place them directly on the skin since the non-permeable adhesive layer prevents the natural essential oils from coming in contact with the skin.But don't have to!

The special adhesive allows you to stick them on a piece of clothing or a location near the body, such as trousers, socks, sneakers, shirts, hoodie sweatshirts or even at the edge of a table, on a chair or stroller. They are super easy to apply and they stay stuck!

Make our mosquito and insect repellent patches part of your essential summer safety arsenal. Now you can focus on your family and guests and not the bugs and the PESTS!

Add these to your shopping cart NOW if you want the easiest, most fuss-free, all-natural way to prevent bug bites!