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Hi! Glad you found our way to our humble website! We are Learn & Play, but you probably know that much already. We’re a toy store, but not of the normal kind. Whereas our competitors continue to churn out the mass-produced, passionless pieces of plastic you’d commonly expect in the toy aisle of your local supermarket, we do things a bit differently. You see, we at Learn & Play think that a toy is a young child’s greatest tool for manifesting their own imagination and intellect.

We’re talking about any child, no matter the gender, from newborns all the way up to the early school years from age five onwards. These children learn about the world around them in a way that is so sense-based, it seems almost foreign to us adults. Tasting, smelling, touching, hearing and in many other ways experimenting and playing with the wide, wide world is how these kids gain their most fundamental experiences early on in their lives. And, let’s be honest here, most of those experiences are going to come directly from, or at least will be indirectly supported by, their toys.

So, one asks themselves the question: Why doesn’t anyone make toys that further those kids’ brains over their brawns? We’ve asked ourselves that question, and we’ve come to the conclusion that, if nobody else is going to do it, we will. Every single one of the toys in our catalog is made to stimulate a certain part of your little one’s imagination, teach them something about a certain topic or increase their skills at a certain activity, all through fun play and innovative design.

There are many ways in which Learn & Play toys can further a child’s development.
Of course, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and for that reason, we’ve decided to construct our catalog as broadly as possible, to give as many children as we could the ability to get a head start on their future lives and passions. Let’s take a look at just some of the impressionable young personalities that Learn & Play toys have helped over the existence of our brand.



Musicians are born musicians, some say, and that may just be true. One can easily determine a child’s musical ability very early on, sometimes even before their second birthday. These kids will start making articulated speech earlier than most, and they’ll also sing or try to imitate singing, listen to music and very quickly adopt an understanding of instruments, vocals and how they tie together to form a melody. Some of our sound-based toys can help them along their path onto a career in this great art form, for example by playing sound memorization games, teaching simple songs and furthering their practical knowledge through quizzes, charades, and puzzles.


Math geniuses:

Likewise, many kids, even during their toddler years, may show some early signs of a great untapped innate ability for math. They’ll be better with numbers than their peers of equal age, and with that comes hopefully an early interest in the topic of math, too. To further that interest, or ignite it if it hasn’t done so on its own, many of our puzzles and games can be used to practice addition, subtraction, counting and other basic mathematical operations. The child can learn on their own, or, even better, practice side-by-side with an adult mentor.


Natural born leaders:

It’s a fact that some people are just predisposed to bossing others around. While this may be considered rude in some contexts, behind all those bad manners can often lie a great skill that not many people have: That of leadership. Natural born leaders are some of the most interesting people you could have a chance of meeting, and your child may be one! Try to get them closer to the concept of leadership early on, say, via roleplay. This is recommended after the age of two, where a child’s imagination can really take off and their ability to make believe starts manifesting itself.

Try experimenting, seeing whether your little one feels more comfortable in a position of power and authority, say, that of a teacher, or in that of a subordinate, like a student. Natural born leaders will very quickly demonstrate an enthusiasm for the former kind of role and will have great fun in such a position, where they have responsibilities to abide by, activities to take care of and rules and laws that they must set, while others follow their lead. Our Roominate Deluxe is perfect for this kind of activity. Go check it out at the store!

We believe it’s extremely important to help develop a child’s skill in all areas, starting at year 0.
At Learn & Play, we make this possible. We are always ready and eager to serve you and fulfill your wishes and we believe that any child, including yours, has the right to be nurtured, entertained and educated at this very important stage of their lives.

Feel free to visit us at our store and see what we have on offer.


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