Activities and Toys to Help Prepare Your Toddler for Future Success

Whether you are a first-time parent or an experienced one, you want to set up your child for success in the future. Things like keeping the child healthy and teaching him or her necessary life skills are essential to carving a bright path for the child. It is also imperative that you start training the child from an early age, probably as soon as they can move around and communicate effectively. There are a lot of activities you and your toddler might engage in, and there is also an array of toys you can purchase to help prepare the child for a prosperous future.

Activities to Prepare Your Toddler for Future Success:

Even though they look delicate, never restrain toddlers from handling basic tasks, but of course, under your supervision. One of the critical factors to making your child grow up properly is teaching him to be independent. At about three years old, when he can jump and run around, training him to be responsible and independent will help shape him up effectively.

For example, you could teach your child how to store away toys after playtime. Additionally, you could train him only to take the toys he is using, and leave the others. He may not grasp or enjoy the activity immediately, so it is best that you find ways of involving yourself in the process until he starts liking it.

Similarly, you can teach your toddler how to separate dirty clothes from the clean ones. You could give him a bucket and label it dirty clothes. Whenever he takes a shower and changes clothes, instead of leaving the dirty clothes on the floor, he puts them in the dirty clothes basket. Once your child gets used to such routines, it is likely to stick, and he will always have a sense of order in his future.

Toys to help Prepare Your Toddler for Success

Toys are an integral part of how children grow up, and it is essential that you not only buy them the toys they want but also the ones that will help them develop critical skills. Buy them toys the help them build language and math skills, like building blocks and storybooks. You should buy them toys that teach them to differentiate shapes, colors, patterns, as well as some alphabetical puzzle games to help with language.

Again, as they may not always excel with such toys and games, in the beginning, it is paramount that you take time to play with them. You could help them compare shapes or stack blocks. That not only helps them learn faster, but the two of you also get to bond and strengthen your connection.

One other important tip to helping your child be ready for future success is by teaching him or her to be a problem solver. Whenever you see them struggling with something, do not immediately rush in to help, unless they risk harming themselves. For example, if he is trying to reach for a toy on the top shelf, you could tell him to try climbing the chair to reach easily. Next time, he will instinctively go for the chair if he wants to get a higher reach.


It is natural to want to care for your child and not want to see him suffer. However, it is essential to teach him how to be independent of a young age. Buy the right material, and engage with them as much as you can, and they will be on a clear path to success even before they start school.


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