Activities And Toys For Kids To Learn Language


Kids who are 0-5 years of age are at a very crucial stage. This age is where you can make your kid a smart kid. Anything that is taught to kids at this age is usually retained in their brains. At the age of 0-5, the children are still developing their language and speech skills.

Toys are among the first gifts that we give to our kids as they grow thus as such they are also one of the first things we can use to educate our children. They are not only just for fun as well as games but are also important for education. There are many activities and toys that can be used by parents to teach their kids language as well as speaking. Children at the age of 0-1 year old are usually silent and cannot speak. However, they still have to learn the language. Some of the activities one can do to teach it to them include;

Talk to your child:

The child may not understand but the repeating sounds will after start to make sense after a while. For instance, talk to your child while feeding her, she will begin to understand some of the common sounds you make to her while you feed her. Telling your kid stories is also another great way for them to develop their speech and language skills. You can make up funny, interesting stories that are suited to your kid's interests. They should be adventurous and have a happy ending but not too scary.


They should be among the very first toys you buy your kid. Read to your kid at various times of the day. One can start reading them board books when they are still babies and as they grow older change to picture books. If your little one begins to get interested in a picture in her picture book, talk more about the picture so that she can understand what the picture means. Reading to them can guarantee you that your kids will grow up to love learning and also love books.

Listen to music:

When you listen to music with your child they learn to appreciate rhythms they can associate with language. You can even buy your child a karaoke machine when she gets to an age where she can sing along. For instance, age 3-5. Karaoke can help teach your child pronunciation, sentence structure, parts of speech as well as improve the kid's vocabulary.

Get toys designed for teaching speech and language development
There are many toys out there which are designed to help your child develop speech and language some include; ABC chalk talk, which educates your child the alphabet; the Jump 'N' Jam Jungle Talking Floor Mar, to teach your child the names of colors, animals, as well as the shapes; Talk Teach Transport, the game has a talking truck which instructs kids what color of car to load thus giving the children the opportunity to learn colors. Toys are a great instrument for teaching language as well as responsibility.

The best toys are the ones that engage and challenge the kid's senses. Children, as well as babies of age 0 to 5, are also naturally very curious and eager to learn thus this is the age when one should take advantage of this curiosity and introduce toys and activities for learning the language.


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